Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Open House!

Jalen went to open house for preschool today and it was a great visit. His teachers all seem very nice and they seem like they will work well together. Jalen will be one of the youngest in his class because of his birthday. He is just turning 3 and many of them are turning 4 in the next few months. He'll still be one of the smartest, well, because he's Jalen. He'll go from 9-12 and I think it'll be a easy transition for him. He ran right in today and started playing. He got to make a placemat for him to eat snack on. I wrote a little message on it and so did Daddy. It was very special today for Jalen because Daddy and Mommy was able to come to his open house. We both commented that bringing him to preschool makes us feel old. Overall, it was a great time and he did great. I'm excited for him and all of the new things he gets to learn and relationships he gets to create. Here comes next Tuesday.. Ahh, Mommy will be scared.

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