Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It's hard to believe it is already the holidays! Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have to say I am very thankful. I am thankful for...

Jalen: I never imagined one little boy could change my life around. He has shown me what love is and what life is all about. He is my little miracle and I thank God he gave me him when he did. He may be my baby, but he is my little hero!

Nicholas: We have our good times and our bad times, but the difference between us and a lot of people is we stick together. I can't think of a time we haven't been there for each other when we needed the other the most. <3

My Dad & Mom: Without a doubt, they are always there! I can't tell you a time when they weren't there for me. I'm sure there have been many times they have doubted what I was doing, but there has never been a time they haven't been there for me. I couldn't and wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for them.

My Sisters: Jessica and Lindsay - What else can I say? They are my best friends. They support me through everything and trust me even when I'm sure they are wondering what I am doing!! There is not a thing I wouldn't do for them and I thank God I have them...

My Other Family -- aka Fenty Family: Thank God for them! They all are loving, accepting, and couldn't be any better with Jalen! :-)

Emily and Julia: Love these girls! They are always a text message away and will always cheer me up. Not sure where I'd be without these two rays of sunshine! :-)

My Friends: Though everyone's name isn't listed above, I'm thankful for you and appreciate everything...

Among other things, I am thankful for my job, my happiness, my life, my house, food, etc...

Just remember you can't take anything for granted and take tomorrow to realize all you have, not what you don't have! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Josh Hamilton

Today, I went to church to hear Josh Hamilton and his wife speak. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, he is from Raleigh and went to Athens Drive High School. He was a first draft pick straight out of high school. Once he got his 3.96 million signing bonus, he turned to drugs. He didn't want to deal with all of his emotions. But, he was not the only one suffering because of his addiction. His wife, Katie, has stayed by his side through everything. She had to put a restraining order on him, so their children wouldn't see him the way he was. She had to move money around on a monthly basis, so he couldn't by more drugs. She went and met a drug dealer in a dark parking lot while she was pregnant, to get her wedding ring back he sold for drugs. Then, one day, he decided he needed to change. He turned his life over to God and is now, living his true dream with Katie and his kids still by his side. His story, as well as hers, is amazing and while I was sitting there listening, I found myself holding back my own tears.

God throws us all kinds of pitches.. good ones, bad ones, ones that are going to nail us right in the head, etc... but we've got to learn to take them as they come. We all have our days where we find ourselves wanting to give up and walk away because it sounds easier than what we're going through, but we can't. Trust me, becoming a Mom at 17 was not easy. I could have walked away and left all this behind, but look where I am now.. I see Jalen smile everyday and need me. I see him laugh until he can't laugh anymore. I have my whole family by my side and all of Nicholas' family. I have a loving boyfriend who supports me in all I do. I have so much going for me and how I could think at one time I was going to walk away? But, all of that took work, and we can't be scared to work for what we want. God does great things and things happen for a reason, despite what we think when those things happen. So, appreciate the good times and the bad, even when you don't want to. God hasn't failed me, yet.

We all make mistakes, but it is about how you learn from your mistakes and how you forgive others for their mistakes.

He has a book out and I started reading it tonight.. It is really good and a true encouragement!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jamaica Pictures

Man.. I miss Jamaica! No Problems, mon!

Better Late Than Never .. Halloween!

I've been lazy with the posts and I'm a little behind...

A couple days before Halloween we carved our pumpkin! Jalen could choose from Scooby Doo, Thomas the Train, or Blue's Clues and he choose Blue's Clues. We did Elmo last year, so we couldn't do him again. He had fun messing with the tools to cut the pumpkin and tossing the "bugs", or seeds, around in the bowl. He did not want to touch it except very quickly! He turned out cute!

Jalen was an Army man for Halloween. He was suppose to be a monkey, but he is scared of masks. He only wanted me to wear it. He liked the banana that came with the outfit, but that was the only thing he liked about it, unless I was wearing it. He looked cute and wore his outfit all day. Thanks KiKi and AJ for the very cute outfits, despite one being not worn! :)

Julia and Emily stopped by and showed off Julia's cute costume! She's such a cutie and I'm a very proud Auntie!!!