Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Right now, Jalen is in school. How crazy does that seem? I was so sad walking down those stairs today, but I couldn't stop smiling. I am so proud of him. Do you know what it feels like to be the proudest Mom in the world? I am so very proud of the little man, or actually big, he has turned out to be. He has his moments, but don't we all. There is not a single thing in the world that I wouldn't do for that lil boy!

His first drop-off when pretty well and I was surprised. Let me tell you about my kindergarten year first and then, we can say like mother like son. In kindergarten, I had my own little bean-bag chair and I could sit in there until I was ready to join the group and got over the saddness of leaving my Mom and sisters. Jalen walked in ready to go and while Ms. Rachael took him to look at the play-dough we snuck out and went to the mirror/window to look in. He turned around and screamed 'mommy, daddy' for about 5-10 minutes. She picked him up and carried him around. Yes, his lil big self and trying to meet and greet as well. Ha. We already love Ms. Rachael. She carried him over to the kitchen center and let the kids bring him 'cupcakes' and different items. He finally let her put him down and he joined in slowly. He kept asking for us and she kept telling him we'd be back. We didn't tell him we were like big babies outside the room making sure he was okay and we weren't leaving him until he was okay. Eventually, he started playing, but then it was clean-up time. He hasn't caught on to what that is yet. Nicholas said he doesn't know what that is because Mommy just does it. Ha. :) They let him keep playing while they tried out circle time because he was calm. Once other kids caught on that he got to keep playing, they asked him to come sit. He said no and decided to stand. Then, they gave him a chair to sit in. He listened and seemed interested in the book. I hope he starts to want to read with me. :) We pryed our eyes off the window and walk off... Awwww... so sad, but so happy.

I can't wait to get artwork sent home and newsletters. Best believe I will keep it for years to come. :) I love you, Jalen! Aww you look so darn cute!

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