Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Home Owners

It's official!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

World's Greatest Grandpa!

He wins the award. He's the most selfless, caring, loving Dad and Grandpa that anyone could ever ask for. Thank you, Dad for all you do. Those babies love you more than you know :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Welcome Leia Grace

 On Friday, we got a call from Jessica that her blood pressure was too high and that she needed to go to the hospital for some tests. So, we all flew there to make sure she and Leia were okay. And we waited...

It wasn't soon after that they decided it would be best for Leia to be born. So at 5:10pm, we welcome Leia Grace Latham. She weighed 6 pounds and 14 ounces.

We all rushed to see her as soon as she was born and what a sweet, pretty girl she was. Blue eyed and blonde hair!

She's been a wide-eyed pretty girl since she was born. Just taking everything in and usually never saying a peep!

She got all washed up, so she could meet her Mama!

and it was love at first sight... 

Jessica is a trooper - she's as strong as they come and hard headed as any! 

Big brother, Ryan, loves his little sister. He's so proud.

As is Auntie and the rest of the family...

Now, Miss Brooklyn has found her new best friend. She's so sweet with her. She dresses fancy with her and just loves to share her baby dolls and read her books. They will be the best of friends!

We love you pretty girl. We can't wait to watch you grow up!

Our New Additions

A couple weeks ago my sister was leaving and noticed a birds nest in my wreath that is hanging on our front door. In there were 5 little blue eggs. 

We watched and watched and then one day 3 of them hatched.

Now, all five have hatched and it is truly amazing to watch. This Mama bird has such devotion to her babies. Along the side of the nest are all the worms she has ready for him. She flies back and forth to check on them.

She'll sit on them to keep them warm and never strays far. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jones' Crohnies

Each year, we participate in the Take Steps for Crohn's & Colitis walk in Raleigh. My Dad was diagnosed at the age of 51 with Crohn's. He has always said he is one of the lucky ones because with medicine he is able to keep his Crohn's under control. What the crazy thing is - each one of his treatments that he has to take bi-monthly in addition to daily medicines is almost $15,000. Therefore, one of my passions is each year to get our family and friends to walk with us and help raise money. 

This year we were able to raise over $2,600 and had our biggest crowd yet. Plus, we won the t-shirt contest and top corporate team! Thank you to everyone who participated and donated - we truly appreciate it. I long for the day that my Dad can say he's is Crohn's free!

Top Corporate Team - a BIG thank you to Robins & Morton and our wonderful co-workers

The "Jones' Crohnies" team!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Seasons, New Changes

It's hard to believe how quickly time is passing. We've gone from surviving Kindergarten and planning a wedding to being married, changing jobs, and now, buying a house. Was buying a house in our plan? No. But, then again, it isn't our plan that really matters!

I've lived in this house forever. This is the home I grew up in and the home we've raised Jalen in. On the walls are all of our handprints. (We won't talk about the floors...eekk!) I have the memories of waking up on Sunday morning to make pancakes with Dad before church (when there are bubbles on the top, you can flip it). I remember playing kickball in the cul-d-sac with the neighborhood kids and riding our bikes and skateboards down the big hill. I remember throwing the softball with my sisters in the backyard and arguing about who was going to jump the fence to get the ball. I remember pulling up from the hospital and carrying Jalen in for the first time. 

In this house, there have been good times and bad. If the walls could only talk, I'm sure they'd say a lot. But, with time there comes change.

Our little family is moving! We're excited to move into 'our' home and make new memories. I'm excited to have a garage that Jalen can ride his bike into instead of me carrying his bike up 20 stairs to bring it inside so it doesn't get messed up. I'm not excited to pack (anyone want to help!?) We're very excited to decorate and have new places to put more stuff (who knew you could cram so much stuff into a closet or under the bed?). 

But through all of this, the big reminder that I've had is neither of the houses are my final home! My home is with Him and for that I am thankful. Through all of the tough times and choices, He has been there guiding us! So...onto our next adventure (who wants to help move?!).

Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 7 - Magic Kingdom

Our last day at a park was spent at Magic Kingdom for Day 7. It is safe to say that Jalen loves roller coasters and especially Space Mountain. Mommy is so not a rollercoaster person, but I did Space Mountain with him and Nicholas. On our first day at Magic Kingdom, the race cars in Tomorrowland were not working, but on our second day at Magic Kingdom, they were! What fun that was. Our dinner was at 1900 Park Fare and it is always delicious, but we had a to wait for quite a while. We ended up having our waiter from last time we went and he is absolutely great. The kids love him.