Thursday, April 30, 2009


Just like Daddy - Hat and all

He went and got his pillow and dog and said he was going nite-nite outside!

Yes, he is two and a half and as a chore -- to feed Cher when it's empty!

They're so sweet together - until Jalen wakes up! (Just kidding, he loves his cousin!)

Lovin' the Weather

We've made a tough decision in our household to give up naps! Jalen would fight us to take a nap and not go to bed until late, so we decided it just wasn't worth it. Well, really, I decided it wasn't worth me fighting with him. Recently, like the past 3 days, Jalen has been going to bed at a decent time and then waking up at the crack of dawn! This is not like him at all and it better not stay that way. :) Well, today we decided to get our day started early. I took him to the park and we played and played. It was very fun and we stayed quite awhile. I got on the tire swing with him and started swinging -- He said "Mommy, I go to the clouds!" I started laughing but I could have taken that the wrong way. I think he was trying to sat '"Mommy, you're way to heavy and you're going to fling me to the sky with your big butt on this thing. Afterward, we headed to Ki's house to take a stroll to the lake. Then, after our walk, we went and ate wonderful Rudino's with Daddy at work. Daddy decided he wanted a new hat so we went and got the boys new hats. Jalen picked out a red had and put his name across it. At dinner time we met up with Grandpa and Ki for dinner at El Dorado. Yummy! Then, we went back to pick up the hats and as soon as Jalen got his he turned it around backwards and put it on. He's cool. Now, Jalen is passed out and happily sleeping..Okay, I'm happy he's sleeping. With the no naps, he is so tired he puts himself to sleep. We can watch TV with him (what we want to watch, not Elmo) or he can watch Elmo and go right to sleep. It's a life-saver! :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yay for Me!!!

My ultimate goal for school is to manage and graduate with a 4.0 GPA because I've never done anything like that before, so with great excitement I am proud to say I've managed to get a 100% in 2 classes this semester and manage my 4.0 GPA :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Thankful..

This past week has been a challenging week for me. I don't really know why, but it has. I'm sure everyone has weeks that are just tough, but you keep on going...
In midst of hard times you can always be thankful - I'm thankful..
*I'm thankful my son is healthy. Take a look at the new blog I added with baby Kayleigh.
*I'm over being sick. Jessica, Lindsay, Dwight, and I thought we were going to die the other night with a stomach virus.
*I got to go to the Southern Women's Show with my sisters and lil Ryan. I'm also thankful my Dad watched Jalen because that would've been a disaster!
*I get to go to a Taste of Home Cooking School this week :)
* School is almost over - One more assignment for ECU and 2 more for Wake Tech!
*Nice, beautiful weather! Love it.
* I'm thankful for God - This week I've needed someone to talk to, give me silent advice, and just listen.. He's been there and I'm thankful.
*My Dad brought pictures back from Hickory of my grandparents. Man, I miss them. I know they watch over us, but boy, do I wish I could get a picture of Jalen with them. They were great and I think about them a lot.

I'm thankful -- are you?

Thursday, April 23, 2009


The only thing in life that is for certain is uncertainty!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Just Thankful..

I know I didn't post on a Tuesday, but we had a good day and we just didn't get a chance to post it. :)

I'm thankful..
* Nicholas finished mowing our yard because the hill is way to steep for Mama and I.
* Jalen went to sleep last night in 10 minutes. He was asleep before 10:00!
* The weather is going to be beautiful this weekend and I get off early :)
* Summer is coming up and we could possibly be going somewhere
* I'm getting tan - Thank you Jill's Beach!
* We had a wonderful time eating last night at my Dad's with all my sisters and my cute lil nephew. Jalen is so lucky to have everyone he has (and we are too!)
* Lindsay got Jalen "Elmo and the Bookaneers." He loves it and watches it non-stop. It's pretty funny, too!
* My parents are healthy and both happy. Can't tell you how lucky I am to have them.
* Jalen is continuing to be potty trained. Whew.. so thankful for that!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

I'm thankful for...
* my crazy, wild, loving, beautiful son who means the world to me! :) He's just so darn cute. Yes, he drives me crazy, but I love him and wouldn't trade anything in the world.
* school getting ready to come to an end. Yes, I know it is only for a week or two, but I'm ready.
* another option besides Wake Tech. As we all know, Wake Tech is a big, black hole. Getting somewhere and asking questions in nearly impossible. NCSU will hopefully be an option for summer classes. Yay for almost being done with WTCC.
* knowing the summer months are coming. Sun! Sun! Sun!
* my Dad watching Jalen tonight. He loves going to his Grandpa's!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Zoo Pictures - What a wonderful time!

The above picture is one of my absolute favorites... Think it is cool!

Trip to Grandnana's

She didn't know what to do she was so happy!
And they meet for the first time -- love at first sight.
This was cool -- We set the timer and got a group shot. Jalen thought it was fun. :) Priceless.

Last week we decided to make the trip to Myrtle Beach to visit our Grandnana and show her the wonderful Great-Grandsons. She was able to meet Ryan for the first time which was great. She looked great and was able to go to dinner with us. Out of 5 meals, only one was great, and Grandnana was able to eat all of it. :) Mine personally looked like shoe leather. Lindsay's was extra fatty. It was just disgusting. We won't go back. Anyways -- after dinner we went to her house and was able to spend a little more time with her. She's been working on crafts and stuff she enjoys which is great. Overall, it was a good trip. Jalen even got to swim. He loves the beach. Ryan survived his first beach trip, even though we won't really count it. :)


Awww, it's kind of a cute lil picture (I know you don't care about us - He's next!)
All ready to go, Mom! Stop taking pictures and let me go find my eggs!
I was a bad Mom and forgot to bring his Elmo basket. (You thought I'd let him use his new Easter basket... Yeah, right!) Notice his new cool shoes!
Yes, I'd be jealous too if I didn't have a cute nephew like I do.
Yes, he is a silly little man! He was showing his teeth!

This is Jalen painting his Easter presents for his wonderful family!

This Easter was exciting for us. It was the first year Jalen was able to understand things. All he talked about for a week was the Easter bunny. He was ecstatic to see the bunny found him this morning, of course after we watched our morning wake-up with Elmo courtesy of LiLi. We woke up and had a wonderful breakfast with Memaw. We had sausage balls, bacon, and our famous-Christmas morning pull-apart bread. Wonderful stuff. We were about to get in the shower when our little cottontail arrived. Ryan was dressed in his Easter outfit and was looking like a lil doll. He's too cute. He hung out with Uncle, which Uncle didn't want to leave him, while we took showers. We hopped on over to Daddy's house and had an egg hunt with Jonavan, one of Jalen's friends. They played hard. It was cute to see him play with other kids. I dyed eggs with them. They played with Jalen's Mustang. We cooked out and then, we called it a night. Jalen passed out within 10 minutes of watching his new Elmo KiKi gave him. Overall, it was a great Easter and we can't wait to see how Christmas will be!

Though we did a lot of things that did not represent the true meaning of Easter, we did not forget. Without Him, none of this would be possible. I thank Him everyday for the life he has blessed me with. I couldn't imagine my life any different and wouldn't trade it for the world. He is Risen! Be thankful for the life you have, it may not be a perfect life, but it is your life.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thankful Tuesday.. Oops Thursday!

So I'm a little late -- So it is just Thankful Thursday!

I'm thankful....
* I got the yard mowed this morning and I am glad it is done. What a work out. Jalen actually cooperated while I did it. Yay!
* Sunday is Easter and I am excited. Jalen is learning and is getting Easter better than Christmas. It makes me look forward to Christmas because he'll finally be excited and able to get it. :)
* We took a wonderful trip to see our Grandnana on Tuesday. It was a wonderful trip. She looked great and seemed to feel pretty good. She was able to hold her new Grandson for the first time. When we left Jalen ran back through the door and about pushed her over to give her a big hug. It brought tears to my eyes.
* The weather is beautiful and I can't wait for summer time. Jalen swam while we were at the beach and he is like a fish!!

Happy Easter! What are you thankful for..?