Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas - Part 3

After we finished at the Fenty house, we headed back home to meet my side of the crew!! We had to do a little present opening before eating anything because...
Jalen couldn't contain his excitement!!

Dwight had a little present up his sleeve for all of us! LOL!

Everyone got LEGOS and loved them!!!

Brooklyn loves opening her presents and I have to say truly loves each one! She proudly showed all her clothes off.

Ryan patiently waits until it is his turn. Sometimes he gets a little sad when it is just another box (aka clothes!)

Brooklyn loves her slippers!! 

More Legos! Daddy was so happy to know he'd be putting all these together!!

Love this little boy. Blue eyed beauty!

Grandpa got his canoe! He can take all of us out on it. 

'Happy Birthday, Jesus!' 

This little man is so adorable and his Mama is so beautiful.

Cute little family!

Everyone together! (Grandma left before we could get a together picture. We'll have to Photoshop her in!)


Handsome little man!! :)

I love my little man. He had such a great day thanks to all of our family!

Trying to get a family shot...

Take 2 -- we are going to put little jingle bell photoshop over their who-ha's! LOL.

Thank you to everyone who made our day complete. We're blessed to have such wonderful family. Merry Christmas to all from our family to yours!

Merry Christmas - Part 2

After we did our thing at the house, we headed over to Nick's parents house!

Everyone opened presents all at one time!

Jalen tore into everything he had in his sight!

It was calm before we started and then it went crazy. There was wrapping paper everywhere, but everyone was happy with all their presents!!

Jalen couldn't contain himself when he found out he got Skylander Giants!

Neriah enjoyed eating the paper!

Salah decided to show me her mad face!!

Oma was pleased with her chocolates and wanted a picture with them! :-) Good pick, Jalen!

In the end, we cleaned up all the paper and stopped for a group picture!

Merry Christmas - Part 1

Twas' the night before Christmas and Jalen was getting everything ready for Santa!

He baked his cookies and poured the milk!
 He sat it by the fireplace and even put out some oatmeal for the reindeer!

Before we went to bed, we talked about the reason for the season. 

We woke up in the morning and found our Christmas pull-apart absolutely huge and funny looking. But, it was yummy!

 Jalen wanted to open what Mommy and Daddy got him first! He was so happy.
He thought it was hilarious and 'so cool' that he has a Storm Trooper spatula to make pancakes with!

Santa didn't disappoint though! He got his major police station that he's been wanting for forever!

The only sad part of his day was when he said he wished his elf didn't have to leave because he misses the little guy!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cupcake Wars

On Saturday, December 8th, Jalen took Cupcake Wars cooking class. He got to make the cupcakes and icing from scratch, roll out fondant and cut shapes, grate Hershey Hugs into snow, and decorate his cupcakes. He love his cooking classes. He participates and learns so much. This cooking class Opa came by to watch him. Thanks to Grandpa we will be doing 8 more this Spring!