Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thankful Tuesday (oops, Wednesday)!

I am very blessed and I was able to see that shine on Mother's Day!
* I am thankful I have a wonderful family. On Mother's Dad, Nicholas took us to Ihop and I had some delicious french toast. He also suprised me with flowers and a few gift cards to get some things I had been wanting. :) Not even all the tangible things add up to the smiles I love to see every day and the joys of spending time with them. Love all of you!
* I am thankful I am DONE with school.. No, not done forever. But, I don't have to go to school Monday and Wednesday nights! :) This is my first night not having to plan something for Jalen. I love it.
* I am thankful to be hearing the laughs and giggles while I type this. Jalen and Ryan two special little boys who mean so much to me. I can't wait to add Brooklyn to the mix. She's going to be the ring leader in getting them in trouble!
* I am thankful for being able to go the beach this weekend and I'm praying for safe travels..

Have a great week!

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