Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thankful Tuesday!

I can't believe tomorrow is going to be Ryan's birthday. Where in the hect does time go? Where did a year go? But, I guess, who can believe Jalen is turning 4 this year? WOW! I just wonder where all this time goes..

* I am thankful I was able to go to church this week. What a powerful sermon and made me realize it is okay to forgive, and even to forgive yourself sometimes...
* I am thankful I've had a great week with Jalen. Last week we were able to go to the park 3 days in a row and I can't wait to do it more. It was so much fun to see him out there playing and running around.
* I am so thankful Jessica was able to register Jalen for preschool next year. He's going to go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It seems to me that no one in his preschool class this year is going to go into Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but he went into this year with knowing no one, so I know he'll meet new people and I'm doing the right thing...
* I am thankful I started school back up because that means I'm one step closer to finishing! Yay!
* I am thankful that my Mom is coming this week (even if it is for just a day..)
* I am thankful Lindsay's ultrasound went well and I'm going to be a Auntie to a wonderful little boy or girl, whichever it may be, and I can spoil another and see how blessed I am...

Thank you God for everything and giving me another day..

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