Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meal Idea #1 - Meatball Subs!

A good couple of months ago, my Dad made Jalen and I meatball subs. They were delicious and the other day I bought a bag of frozen meatballs for New Years, but Jessica made some so I didn't use them. So, since we're on a budget and I'm really trying hard to not eat out, I stole my Dad's idea!

For about 40 minutes I simmered the frozen meatballs with a jar of pizza sauce on the stove. After about 40 minutes I turned the heat up and made sure they were cooked all the way through. In the mean time, I cut open some sub rolls from the HT bakery and toasted them on broil.

Once they were all done cooking, I pulled the toasted subs out, placed some meatballs and sauce in them. Then, I threw some mozzarella cheese on top and broiled them until the cheese was melted. They were so tasty! (even Jalen ate them!)

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