Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thankful Tuesday.. Oops Thursday!

Well, as always, I am very thankful for my family and the ones I get to be around daily. We are very blessed and I wish people really looked around and saw how blessed they are...

* I am thankful for Jalen. I know I seem to say this every week, but he really is the reason I keep going when days are hard. He always pulls me through when I see that little smile or 'Mommy, it's ok!' Sometimes I wonder how a 3 year old can pull you through and I'm 21 years old and can't pull myself through some days.. Whew, I am so lucky God blessed me with him.
* I am thankful I was able to go to church with my Dad last Saturday. It was nice to have someone to go with and plus, I think he really enjoyed it.. This Saturday I will see if Jalen will go with me or not.. I'd love for him to like going, plus it is only a hour!
* I am thankful that I have heat! It is so cold outside and can't imagine my house without heat. Oh what we take for granted! I love my mear 70 degree house and especially when I'm snuggly sound in my bed...
* I'm thankful Jalen's first week of preschool went somewhat smooth. On Tuesday I had to work so I couldn't take him. Nicholas said he did well. Cried a little bit, but nothing too terrible. Today I took him and I had Ry. He did okay. He cried and the whole 'Mommy, I need you...' and broke my heart, but he did well. He calmed right down and brought me home a beautiful snowman and snowflake!!
* I am thankful for a new year of new beginnings! This year is going to be exciting and I am looking forward to it. I can't wait until August :)

I'm blessed and thankful...

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