Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree..

This year was my first year with a real tree! It smells great and I really haven't seen the big 'trouble' with real trees. We have angel ornaments that I've collected over my 21 years from my Mom, Nick's Duke ornament, the ones Jalen made, and a few odds and ends. It's very pretty and I love it! I do not have a tree skirt because the stand is too fat for it to look normal, so instead we have a blue movers mat that we had from when we got new furniture. Ha! It works, it does the job, and who sees a tree skirt anyways?? Exactly! On the top is a metal, wiry star with little diamonds dangling. Very pretty, when it chooses to stay up there! It's OUR first Christmas tree...

You know, when I typed the word 'Christmas' it really made me get on my tangent of people putting X-Mas. I can't stand it and I do not understand how it takes less time to write X-Mas than Christmas. Why do we celebrate Christmas? Because of CHRIST... so why take His name out of it? Sorry, it really annoys me and bothers me when I see it. My Christmas cards will say 'Merry Christmas,' not Happy Holidays. That's my tangent. I'm done. Merry Christmas!!

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