Monday, December 21, 2009

Great Times, Great Family...

We had a blast at the beach. We did a lot of shopping, hanging out, and just having fun. We've all come to an agreement that we are a tough crowd - you can't have any imperfections, dress crazy, or do anything wrong because you will get called out. Jalen loved being around everyone. It was very cute - at the pool a boy took one of Ry's toys and Jalen swam as fast as he could to get that toy back from the boy and proceeded to tell him it was his Ry-Ry's and to not take it! They have a love/hate relationship.. Do not mess with his Ry-Ry or he'll beat you up! Ha! :) Jalen is an excellent swimmer with absolutely no fear. He has to wear his vest and he doesn't try to take it off because he knows the rules. It was the best invention ever. I don't know what we'd do without it - have a heart attack! We were able to see Grandnana while we were there and she looked great. Jalen slept most of the time. Ryan loved playing around. It was a great visit with her..

While we were at the beach we had a gingerbread house builiding activity. It was a lot of fun. We found out who was a sore loser about their house and we saw how creative we all can be. Overall, it was a very fun activity and one we will continue to do!!

Now, it's time for Christmas! I am very behind on my shopping, so therefore, I'll be shopping today. Poor Jalen, he will be attending the majority of the stores. We'll see how Christmas shopping for him goes with him there.. We'll see how many actually last until Christmas day!! Plus, we're battling the grocery store, too! Oh what a fun day.. My last day off until Christmas!!

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