Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lovin' the Weather

We've made a tough decision in our household to give up naps! Jalen would fight us to take a nap and not go to bed until late, so we decided it just wasn't worth it. Well, really, I decided it wasn't worth me fighting with him. Recently, like the past 3 days, Jalen has been going to bed at a decent time and then waking up at the crack of dawn! This is not like him at all and it better not stay that way. :) Well, today we decided to get our day started early. I took him to the park and we played and played. It was very fun and we stayed quite awhile. I got on the tire swing with him and started swinging -- He said "Mommy, I go to the clouds!" I started laughing but I could have taken that the wrong way. I think he was trying to sat '"Mommy, you're way to heavy and you're going to fling me to the sky with your big butt on this thing. Afterward, we headed to Ki's house to take a stroll to the lake. Then, after our walk, we went and ate wonderful Rudino's with Daddy at work. Daddy decided he wanted a new hat so we went and got the boys new hats. Jalen picked out a red had and put his name across it. At dinner time we met up with Grandpa and Ki for dinner at El Dorado. Yummy! Then, we went back to pick up the hats and as soon as Jalen got his he turned it around backwards and put it on. He's cool. Now, Jalen is passed out and happily sleeping..Okay, I'm happy he's sleeping. With the no naps, he is so tired he puts himself to sleep. We can watch TV with him (what we want to watch, not Elmo) or he can watch Elmo and go right to sleep. It's a life-saver! :)

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