Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Thankful..

This past week has been a challenging week for me. I don't really know why, but it has. I'm sure everyone has weeks that are just tough, but you keep on going...
In midst of hard times you can always be thankful - I'm thankful..
*I'm thankful my son is healthy. Take a look at the new blog I added with baby Kayleigh.
*I'm over being sick. Jessica, Lindsay, Dwight, and I thought we were going to die the other night with a stomach virus.
*I got to go to the Southern Women's Show with my sisters and lil Ryan. I'm also thankful my Dad watched Jalen because that would've been a disaster!
*I get to go to a Taste of Home Cooking School this week :)
* School is almost over - One more assignment for ECU and 2 more for Wake Tech!
*Nice, beautiful weather! Love it.
* I'm thankful for God - This week I've needed someone to talk to, give me silent advice, and just listen.. He's been there and I'm thankful.
*My Dad brought pictures back from Hickory of my grandparents. Man, I miss them. I know they watch over us, but boy, do I wish I could get a picture of Jalen with them. They were great and I think about them a lot.

I'm thankful -- are you?

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