Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

I am so blessed.. This past week we were able to spend an entire week at the beach and it was such a wonderful vacation that we all needed. The weather was great and the times were awesome.

- I am thankful for such a great week at the beach with my family. We were able to spend time together, laugh so hard that we had tears, and just enjoy doing the simple things in life. We were also able to throw a birthday party for our Grandnana and it was amazing. She broke down in tears of joy. It's amazing to see an amazing person get something they deserve (love you Grandnana).
- I am thankful for my Mom. She kept Izzy while we were at the beach and then drove to meet us so Jalen could finally get his puppy home. I miss her every day and wished she lived closer, but I guess that makes me appreciate all the times I get to see her. We always manage to leave each other in tears...
- I am thankful for great friends. Allison and her girls kept Dorothy for us and made sure everything here was 'normal' and nothing happened. It's so nice to have friends you can turn to in a moments notice and know they'll be there!

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