Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Out of the mouths of Moms!


The things that we mothers (and aunts, teachers, grandmothers) say to children each day are some of life’s best comedy. On one of the blogs that I read, Mckmama, started a new idea by the name of "out of the mouths of moms." So here we go for this week...

* "Jalen, please do not run with a screwdriver in your mouth."
* "No, bug spray does not clean the windows like Mommy."
* "You have to stay with Mommy, you can't run away, someone will take you."
* (hiding in the bathroom trying to pee in peace) "No, Mommy isn't here right now, she went to the store..." "But I can hear you!" "I don't know, Jalen."
* "Scissors are dangerous, you can't run with them."
* "Please sit down in the cart, so you do not bust your head open."

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