Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

- I am thankful for the weekends off.. I was at first a little leery of taking this new job because I'd be away from Jalen for 4 days a week, rather than 3 because I'd be working shorter shifts, but now I am so glad I did. I guess this one is two 'thankfuls.' I am thankful for this job. Jalen is able to expect me home at a certain time, know the days I work, and have consistency that he needs. It's amazing how kids know these things because around 6ish he starts getting antsy and ready to be picked up. I love my little man and the doors God has opened for us!
- I am thankful that my Mom is coming to visit this week and we all get to take a trip to Wilson for the Taste of Home Cooking School. We do these semi-annually (which seems to be how often they come) and take a night for the girls. The last one was in Mebane and they are all fun! Can't wait...
- I am thankful for a night out that Nicholas and I had. AJ said he would watch Jalen as we went out and it worked out perfectly. Jalen sat and watched TV for him and never cried. He waited up for us and when he got home he went right to sleep. He's such a cutie.. :) It's like he was our Dad making sure we got home safely and on time!
- I am thankful for my beautiful family..

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