Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sneaky Boy!

As I'm in the shower, I hear Jalen under my cabinet, so I peek out the shower curtain...

Me: Jalen! What are you doing?
Jalen: Ohhhh, nuffin, just take your shower.
Me: Thinking in my head - did he really just tell me that?!

I'm in the process of getting dressed and walk into the kitchen to see what he's doing...

Jalen hears me coming and runs into the hallway...
Jalen: stop mommy, go back to your room!
Me: Why?!
Jalen: just cause! go back!

I peek into the kitchen to find Jalen feeding Izzy his lunch because 'she was hungry.' He is so stinkin' smart and sneaky! He knows when he's going to get in trouble..

and just to think all that happened in 10 minutes!!

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