Friday, November 6, 2009

Preschool Update

Jalen is doing really well at school and I'm so proud of him. Lately, he has been walking in and doing wonderfully with saying goodbye. Jalen doesn't go to school by himself though. Scruffy attends everyday with Jalen. With Scruffy, he doesn't cry, so we don't object to him going. Hey, what's a smart owner with a smart dog? Might as well get our monies worth. His teachers say he is the best cleaner they have every seen and is a wonderful helper. He brings home lots of crafts and is excited about his worth. He doesn't not talk about his day and anything you ask him, he'll probably tell you happened, but no details. We're very proud and excited to see how smart he is getting. Plus, he has wonderful teachers. Have I said that enough?

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