Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful Tuesday.. Oops Thursday!

We've been very busy lately and it seems like it is never slowing down! Whew... But, hey, what would I do if we weren't busy? Get stuff done, have school done before the due date, etc...yeah, right!

I am thankful --
* we had a very safe trip to the zoo and back on Sunday. It was filled with lots of fun, pictures, and laughs. We felt like we brought the zoo to the zoo, but it was fun. It was a great day with great weather!
* we had a great dinner with the family on Monday.. Yummy! I got to try a new recipe and it turned out really good. I love cooking.
* my Mom gets to come visit on Saturday, even if it is for a day before she flys out!
* for a healthy family. Please keep Dwight's brother in your prayers - he's battling H1N1 and needs lots of prayers and wishes.. Also, pray for his family!
* Jalen is slowly easing into the school thing. We're back to crying when we leave each other, but he'll get better soon. He loves his teachers and we do too!
* for having a great day with Nicholas, Jalen, and Ry on Tuesday! and I'm thankful Ry took a 2 hour nap because I was worn out..

Pictures to come soon. Stay tuned. Happy Fall!

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