Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yes, Jalen got a BUG today at school and I'm very proud of him. A BUG, or Behavior Unusually Good, is a certificate Jalen got today for helping cleaning up and always helping his friends multiple times a day. I am so proud of him and I can't say that enough. He was very proud to show everyone and tell everyone. To top his day off, he got to spend the day with Ki. He came home with a Scooby movie, a George movie, and a new skateboard. I have to say he made everyone proud and had an excellent day!

Jalen - I am very proud of you and I love you very much!

On another note, I'm going to invent a system for Jalen to promote good behavior to help him at school. I can admit that at home, I don't make him clean-up because sometimes it's easier for me to just do it. My system is still under construction and I'll keep you updated, but I'm thinking along the lines of a goodie box and such.. Any ideas? Let me know. :)

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