Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Click on the link above to get the scoop on what 'not me' Monday is all about...
- I did not go and turn on George for Jalen at 8:15, give him a 'bottle' of milk, and some apples and then go back to bed until 10:15 because I was so tired, nope not me. I always get up with him and cook him a big ol' breakfast!
- I did not leave about 10 piles of laundry on my Mom's bed and then say I would fold them before she got there, but then really just move them to the extra upstairs bed. Nope, I fold my laundry as soon as they get out of the dryer so they do not wrinkle.
- At work, I did not do homework while I was there because while I am there, I do all of my work and then, find extra things to do to make sure everything is always done and neat.
- I do not buy Jalen an Icee as soon as I get to Target to keep him quiet so I can shop it peace! I never buy my son's happiness!
- I did not let Jalen make a mess and say I would clean it up later so I could get what I wanted to get done, done! Nope, not me.

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