Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jalen's Party!

Jalen's birthday ended up lasting all weekend. He is too special for just one day. On his birthday, we hung out with Ryan for a little bit and Lucky went to the vet. We dropped Ryan off, picked up Lucky, and then headed out. We went to Monkey Joes for awhile and then to Salsarita's for dinner. We came home and Jalen was able to eat his cupcakes. I found out he loves getting the 'Happy Birthday' song sung about 15 times to him. He's too cute. On his party day, he spent the day with Nick's family while I worked and then straightened up. We decorated and then the party started. It was fun-filled and Jalen had a blast! He got a 'scoota' for his birthday and he rides it around every where. This morning he scoota'td into my room to say hello. Lots of good stuff and we're thankful for everyone who helped. Also, it was Dwight's birthday so we got him a lil Steelers cake and balloons! It was a fun weekend and great start to a new year...

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