Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well, Jalen has been sick now for 2 days and he is miserable. It's so sad to see him the way he is. We went to the doctor yesterday and the poor guy had to go through flu testing, strept testing, having his blood taken, and having to pee in a cup! He was one tough guy! They concluded he has a virus. If his fever, which was 104, doesn't go away by Friday then we have to go back. We'll get back to normal soon!! :-) Lindsay and Dwight got a new doggie we're ready to go visit. Miss Chloe came home yesterday. I'm sure Jalen will be able to keep up with her. She was digging in a pot of dirt when I checked in last. Well, here are the new pictures! Enjoy!!

Eventually, we're going to take these two guys pictures together professionally!

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