Friday, August 27, 2010

A Year Ago, Never Forgotten

It's been a year since Lucky left us. He was only with us such a short time, but taught me more than I could imagine in such a short time. It's been hard and I can honestly say it still brings me to tears thinking about him. I miss him and wish he was running in the yard with Jalen and Izzy. He's still with us and hears all the commotion in the back yard and that spot will forever hold a piece of my heart. He was such a tough little guy that struggled most of his life. I'm glad to say he had a family and passed away being loved. RIP Lucky - Mommy, Daddy, and Brother still miss you and love you!!


Anonymous said...

lucky is a grandpa that can be proud of his daughter and her family..
lucky and blessed

Anonymous said...

can't believe it has been a year already...Lucky was a tough little guy...wish he was you lots...Mom