Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thankful Tuesday!

I am so blessed. Tomorrow is my birthday and it is hard to imagine that I'll be 22 years old. Where does time go? It's hard to believe that I'll be 22 and my baby will be turning 4. Ahh!

* With another year passing me by, I have to say this year has been one of the most eye-opening. I've had good times and hard times all within one year. I am thankful to have Jalen, Nicholas, my family, his family, and great friends. I thank God every day for keeping me going and showing me exactly what life is about. I can't wait for another year, therefore, I am thankful for the past year and all of the knowledge I've gained from it. Here's to another year...
* I am thankful for being able to plan Jalen's party. Party planning is in full swing. I've ordered all of the online stuff and it's on it's way. I've mailed Jalen's Sproutlet card to be shown on TV and we're good to go.. Lots more planning to go, but I'm thankful I'm able to plan my baby's 4th birthday party.
* I am thankful that we'll be traveling to the beach Friday to enjoy the weekend with my Mom. It should be lots of fun and hopefully, Jalen will get to go on the boat. It's so relaxing.

Thank you to everyone for making this past year wonderful.. Love you all!

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