Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm gonna miss this..

Awhile back, I had written how when I am in stressful situations or situations where my nerves are just shot, especially with Jalen, and how I try to tell myself that one day I'm going to miss this. Jalen is four and I still have a hard time knowing my baby is growing up...

...buckling Jalen into his seat
...hearing him pitter-patter into my room at night
...listening to his creative stories
...him telling me that he's the best little boy ever
...taking him to school and hearing him yell 'but you forgot to kiss me' or 'just another kiss mommy'
...looking in my rear-view mirror seeing a little boy slouched over in his car seat passed out
...seeing him run around with his cousins, jumping over couches
...kissing the boo-boos
...'mommy, i'll take care of you'
...taking him to different places
...holding him in my arms

These moments are fresh now, but one day I'm really gonna miss these...

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