Sunday, August 22, 2010


Do I really have a 4 year old?

On Friday, Jalen turned four and I still can't believe that he is actually 4 years old? Where did time go? Jalen tells me all the time that he's always going to be my baby and that is more than correct. He's such an amazing little boy. We celebrated 3 times, well, pretty much 4 times. He had a family dinner with everyone on Tuesday night. On Friday, his birthday, we made it his day and enjoyed the samich (Subway) shop for lunch and Chick-lay for dinner (Chick-fil-A). In between we went to Monkey Joes, picked up some party stuff, and headed to get his ice cream cake. Yesterday, we had a big blow-out party that was a success, thanks to our many family members and close friends who helped make it possible. We're glad it's over, in a way, but we still have to open all the presents!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Jalen!!

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