Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh, Jalen!

If you could picture me screaming with my hands in the air 'going oh my, when is this day going to end' or 'when he is going to settle down?!' that would be a correct image of myself right now! Today Jalen....

* made a bridge with a belt and a big rubber band that was from the bathroom door into the tub, on the top of it was a million pink cotton balls... while eating red Doritos!
* dumped all of his bath toys on the ground in the other bathroom to try and make another bridge
* almost dropped a 20 pound weight on his foot (whew!)
* has hit, screamed, and had 100 tantrums today
* decided not to eat, 'no thanks!!!'
* pulled every single toy out downstairs -- including baby pool toys!

and needless to say... I did not go to Target today or get Lindsay a birthday gift because I may have been arrested because my child broke everything in the store!! Ahhhhhh..... Just another day in paradise and I will miss this one day!!

I would post pictures of this mess, but in the midst of this mess, my camera cord went missing!

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