Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 3 at the Beach

Today we woke up and cooked some breakfast. Jalen wanted toast and bacon. We got dressed and headed to the pool for awhile. We swam and played. Jalen loves the water. When we get home everyone will be amazed to see how well he swims with his swimmies. I've got to get him some better ones. We've seen some kids with the Speedo ones and they seem a lot nicer than our $2.99 ones, but hey, they've done the job. He kicks his feet and swims basically. It is cute!! We came in for lunch around 3 and ate some chicken nuggets and mac & cheese. Jalen ate 5 nuggets and mac and cheese! We were amazed, too. He's been eating wonderfully. We decided after lunch to get dressed and head to the aquarium. He thought it was cool. The babies exhibit was cute, but geez, it was way too crowded. We headed to Salsaritas aftewards for a quick, simple bite to eat. It was good except it isn't our Cary Salsaritas where extra meat comes free and so does Jalen's meal usually! We never pay $20 for Salsaritas when our friends are working. :-) Went to the grocery store so we can fix steaks for our last night dinner. Came back and Jalen wanted to swim, so Nick stayed upstairs and we went swimming outside for a hour and a half. He met friends and flirted. Overall, another beautiful day! Tomorrow =pool, beach, and possibly shopping!


Kia said...

So cute Lyss, glad you guys are enjoying yourselves. You NEEDED this trip! You cut all my boo boo's hair off! Miss you guys, see you Thursday! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

The aquarium looks fun. Dorothy said not to bring any friends home, though.