Sunday, December 23, 2012

Time to Catch Up!

The blog had been down for a little bit and I just got around to getting it back up, so I wanted to do a quick update on everything before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Jalen is doing great in school. He is continuing to try his best and enjoys going. He is tracked out right now until January 23rd and is super excited about that. Brooklyn and Ryan both participated in their first Christmas play and did great. I was blessed to be able to attend both of them. They made Auntie proud! Last night, Salah spent the night with us and did great. Neriah stayed until about midnight and went right to sleep for me. It is amazing how fast everyone is growing up. Little Gavin is growing like a weed. He's so spoiled, but I love every minute of the spoiling. Everyone is ready for Christmas. Jalen is ready to see what Santa is going to bring him. We will go to Nick's family in the morning and then my family in the afternoon will come over. So ready to have everyone together!! Elf has been living at our house for the past month and Jalen has really enjoyed having him visit. He's gotten into some trouble while he's been here! Crazy Elf!

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