Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas - Part 1

Twas' the night before Christmas and Jalen was getting everything ready for Santa!

He baked his cookies and poured the milk!
 He sat it by the fireplace and even put out some oatmeal for the reindeer!

Before we went to bed, we talked about the reason for the season. 

We woke up in the morning and found our Christmas pull-apart absolutely huge and funny looking. But, it was yummy!

 Jalen wanted to open what Mommy and Daddy got him first! He was so happy.
He thought it was hilarious and 'so cool' that he has a Storm Trooper spatula to make pancakes with!

Santa didn't disappoint though! He got his major police station that he's been wanting for forever!

The only sad part of his day was when he said he wished his elf didn't have to leave because he misses the little guy!

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