Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pullen Park

We enjoyed a fun Sunday at Pullen Park. It was Nick's first time being there since they remodeled everything. It was a perfect day. The kids loved riding all of the rides. Jalen convinced us to do the pedal boats. Yes, it looks so peaceful as everyone is out there on the water, but when you're out there, it is a lot of work. We did one complete lap around the lake and then headed back in. I can feel it in my legs. It is harder than it looks. Brooklyn loved running around and feeding the ducks. 

Motor Boats

Choo-Choo...All Aboard!

Climbing fun! Word to the wise...don't let them go to the top, unless you know they can get down.

"Push me, Uncle!"

"C'mon Li, get on with us. It'll be fun!"

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