Friday, September 30, 2011


Jalen is growing up way too fast! He amazes me with all he is doing and all that he continues to learn. One thing he never fails to do is make me laugh!

Laying on my chest watching TV - "Mommy, I can hear your heart. You have a beautiful heart, Mommy."
Driving home from Target - "Mommy, look at the moon!" I told him it was a crescent moon. "Mommy, the moon is made of cheese!!"
Sitting in my lap - "Mommy, I want to drive. I want to drive a car. When I get bigger and bigger I can?" "Yes, Jalen. You got to get really big. Do you want a super fast car?" "No, I just want a big car like Grandpa's. I want white and big. I am scared to go fast. Will you come with me in my car? I want you. I don't want to be scared." I will remind him of this conversation when he is 16 and not wanting me in the car!

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