Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Seasons, New Changes

It's hard to believe how quickly time is passing. We've gone from surviving Kindergarten and planning a wedding to being married, changing jobs, and now, buying a house. Was buying a house in our plan? No. But, then again, it isn't our plan that really matters!

I've lived in this house forever. This is the home I grew up in and the home we've raised Jalen in. On the walls are all of our handprints. (We won't talk about the floors...eekk!) I have the memories of waking up on Sunday morning to make pancakes with Dad before church (when there are bubbles on the top, you can flip it). I remember playing kickball in the cul-d-sac with the neighborhood kids and riding our bikes and skateboards down the big hill. I remember throwing the softball with my sisters in the backyard and arguing about who was going to jump the fence to get the ball. I remember pulling up from the hospital and carrying Jalen in for the first time. 

In this house, there have been good times and bad. If the walls could only talk, I'm sure they'd say a lot. But, with time there comes change.

Our little family is moving! We're excited to move into 'our' home and make new memories. I'm excited to have a garage that Jalen can ride his bike into instead of me carrying his bike up 20 stairs to bring it inside so it doesn't get messed up. I'm not excited to pack (anyone want to help!?) We're very excited to decorate and have new places to put more stuff (who knew you could cram so much stuff into a closet or under the bed?). 

But through all of this, the big reminder that I've had is neither of the houses are my final home! My home is with Him and for that I am thankful. Through all of the tough times and choices, He has been there guiding us! So...onto our next adventure (who wants to help move?!).

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