Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fishing on the Boat!

I can't believe that I am behind on publishing this post. This has to be one of the funniest adventures we've ever been on. We had all bought Dad a canoe for Christmas. We decided to take it out and so I went and got all the kids and Dad, Nick, and I were going to take them out. The first time out was very successful. It was Dad and I will all of the kids. Then, the kids needed a snack, so I went and got them snacks. When I returned I said I would stay back with Brooklyn and Ryan and Dad, Nick, and Jalen could go out. They boarded the boat and got about 30 feet out before I heared "woooaahh, woooahhhh, woooaaaa" *SPLASH*. Dad had reached to move the seat cushion and the weight wasn't evenly distributed and they flipped over. All you see is Dad, Jalen, and Nick just put their hands up and fall in. Jalen comes swimming up from the middle of the boat still holding his snacks. Nick comes up and Dad comes up from the opposite end. Nick and Jalen were seeing who could get in the boat the fastest, despite the fact it was filled with water because it felt so nasty. In the end, Nick lost his phone and a Rainbow flip-flop and Ryan, Brooklyn, and I had the show of a lifetime. I wish I had my video going. Ryan and Brooklyn both said "why are they swimming?" and "I'm glad we weren't on that boat." What a day!!

and this is what they looked like after they went swimming!!!

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