Sunday, January 20, 2013

NYC Adventure

Wow. I have to say that if you take a country girl and put her in the city, she will learn a lot! What a great time we had. New York is a totally different world. Being able to walk out of your house and just walk everywhere is amazing. We would wake up and walk to the bakery and then go to the pizza place across the street. We would just walk to the grocery store and there are fresh flower shops on every corner. Obviously this is out of the City, but it was so neat. New York has the craziest drivers though! Holy moly, I was nauseous! They pull out of no where, will run you over in the cross walk if it is their green light, they hit cars like no tomorrow. When we pulled into Auntie's place, we had to wait for a spot on the side of the street. A car was pulling out and it backed up and hit the car behind and in front of it like 10 times! Here you would've called the police. The trains are wow. You can get any and every where, but watch out for the crawling rats that are HUGE! In the City, it is just people everywhere and characters. At one point we had 3 Elmos asking if we wanted pictures. You have to pay them. There was a naked cowgirl posing for pictures. Of course, that's the one Jalen remembers. Totally different world. One of the best parts of the trip was Ground Zero. It is a tear-jerker for sure. Security is just like being at the airport. Shoes off, everything. I only shed a few tears while at the memorial until we walked through the memorial store and they had a video playing of family members talking about their loved ones. Everyone lost it at that point. It was especially difficult because Auntie was there. She was at the Trade Center. She was one of the lucky ones. It was eye-opening to hear her story and I will say, you realize how blessed you are. In addition, we went and visited their Grandma. It has been about 16 years since Nicholas saw her. It was a great reunion and something we ha been thinking about. It was a great trip, we were so thankful to all that showed us around and for the experience. New York, I will be back. You are one of my favorite places! 

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