Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Treats

Jalen had cooking yesterday. The theme this week was Halloween Treats and he got to wear his costume to class. They made Mummy Toes (hot dogs wrapped in a tortilla with ketchup), Witches Brooms (pretzels wrapped with fruit roll-ups), and Eyeballs (dyed pudding, lifesaver, and jellybean frozen). He loved it and enjoys every cooking class. 

Wear your costume to class!

Loves to participate!

Above: Showing his witches broomsticks (pretzels with fruit roll-ups wrapped around)

Above: Mummy Toes, Witches Broomsticks, and Eyeballs

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Anonymous said...

So Jalen will be providing Halloween desserts at the next family dinner? He looks sooo cute. Love y'all! (You're an amazing mommy!)