Monday, January 17, 2011

Praying for Joanne

On the left hand side of my blog, you will see a picture with "Praying for Joanne." I do not know this lady, but had came across her blog and began reading it after I saw it on another blog. Joanne was in her bathroom the other day, right after telling her husband goodbye for work, when her 12-year-old daughter found her on the floor shaking. She called her Dad who was almost at work and was able to reach help for her, which saved her life. She suffered a stroke and is now fighting for her life. She has two young girls and is now in a medically induced deep coma with swelling in her brain. Some of her skull has been removed to allow room for the swelling. This is a sad story. What makes it even scarier is that it could happen to anyone. Please pray for her. They seem to be an awesome family in which tragedy has struck. You can't hurt anything by praying for the family... Thanks!

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