Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back To Reality

After a week-long visit to Jamaica, we are back to reality. The weather was beautiful and the wedding was fabulous. We couldn't of asked for a better time. I could get used to living the 'no problem' life real quick down there. Pictures and details will be posted soon.. Congrats to Lindsay & Dwight!

Just wanted to remind everyone to never take anything you have for granted. Thursday before we left Nick got into an accident. All I remember was walking down the hallway to throw a diaper away and then, finding out he was in an accident. It just goes to show you that at any moment of any day, something can happen. Thankfully he was okay and cars can be fixed. Just remember to take a minute each day to thank God for everything you have and realize how lucky each one of us really is.

And now, it is back to reality.. Hope everyone is doing well.. :-)

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