Thursday, September 18, 2008

Man's Best Friend

Usually every morning that we stay at my house, Jalen and I wake up and go downstairs to watch Elmo. First, we always grab juice and some "fish." This morning Cherish, our dog, decided to tag along. I never realized how much of best friends they are. Jalen went and got his crayons out to color. He kept pushing Cherish to color. He'd ask her to color and she'd just sit there. He'd grab her a crayon and say "c'mon." Meanwhile, his fish were sitting on the couch because he knows he has to guard them. Cherish sneaked her little mouth up there and ate them all, right out of the bowl. Jalen said "Ah man, c'mon, not nice" then, just proceeded to ask for more. He gave me a kiss, a hug, said 'please' and 'more', and then, we got up to get more. Sometimes he can just tear your heart into pieces. When we went to get more, he still invited Cherish along.

How many times does someone make us mad or upset and we just want them to leave us alone? Sometimes I wish I was back to two again, so I could be so forgiving. Amazing how much a two-year-old can teach you!

Have a good day!

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